life changing times
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I was curious.

I grew up in Chaldoran, one of the smallest cities in Iran
Where it could not be seen on the map and was not even considered by the government
Where people had very limited and traditional thoughts and behaviors
Where there were many restrictions on growth
My father was a government employee and he owned a lot of land and our life was always one of the middle class families in the society, but because my father was an educated individual and a recluse, this also had a great impact on me.
I was always the first student during school and study, but what I never realized at that time why I never gained popularity among the children by gaining high knowledge and intelligence.
Everyone who played soccer , volleyball, etc. well was always noticed
That is, is it not good to be good, polite and regular?
Why really why? I never asked anyone this question!

we move to Urmia

After my father realized that I was very talented, and if he continued to live in this city, all the progress he saw in me would disappear. He decided to take us to Urmia to continue living.

Urmia is the capital of West Azerbaijan province and had a much larger space and population than Chaldoran.

My father paid for our living away from us and came home for 2 days on the weekend.

I was 11 years old at the time, working and studying at the same time because our expenses were high and life without work became more difficult, and over time, my class grades dropped, and this is a sign of great sadness in my father’s heart. And finally, the formation of my interest and even my acquaintance with the market to this day started from there

However, I believed that the education system was not a criterion for showing an educated and knowledgeable person, but I continued my education and completed my studies in an engineering field, but I had a certain dissatisfaction.

I wanted to prove to the prevailing ideology that a special sheet of a particular system is not needed to show the status and value of human beings.

proved myself

I was very active also in the mood of adolescence and life decisions. I fell in love in this situation, but it had a different effect on me somehow, I had to show more responsibility, personality, and discipline in myself and among others, despite all my problems, and over time I had to try harder to enter the market at that time. I open my first store and this was the beginning of all the problems of my loans and loans and to keep it standing I must be able to provide quality and originality of services in the competitive market.
So in addition to my 7 years of experience, I had to update myself with the content of Marketing Day
The competition became very easy for me and my first successful startup in my 20s

i lost everything

Two years later, my love left me, and in the same year, my two grandmothers also died, leaving me with great sorrow.
There was no motivation or feeling to progress and do the work, and it was time for military service to arrive.
In short, in one year, in order to pursue my goals, I did many things, including alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Moving forward

I followed my usual questions
Why me?
Why were we born?
What is the purpose of all this?

During this time I became very fond of my mother and understood her.
mother is the best thing in the world for any child.

I love my mother’s teachings because she showed me the right way
her good intentions and his kind and smiling face and all his beliefs and support of me
To this day, all I want to do is make them proud and make them feel good by getting a good personality.
she believes that you can always achieve what you want for yourself by doing the right thing
And now, after a long time, I have migrated to Istanbul and I am continuing my life here 

doing what I love most.