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We are a multi business company with several activities

our mission: 
Develop and design new strategies, ways to promote your  business and help you develop your self
Our research team has always worked to improve the community of market and people

Our Team

Mahdi Mohsennezhad



My name is Mahdi Mohsennezhad, born in 1995 in Chaldoran city, one of the functions of West Azerbaijan province.
I had a very different childhood and adolescence
For example, when my friends were thinking about how to be more free and play!!!
The question for me was why we were born?
Or when I was immersed in the genre, they were also on the street looking for their temporary entertainment.
But over time, I realized that my abilities in this field are very high.

When I talk to someone
He takes the best offers from me and makes him feel better under any circumstances
All the paths led me to this direction until I finally decided to continue my professional activity in this field and see myself and the world around me change day by day.

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