22 profitable Startup ideas Works in pandemic 2021-2022

Before I start talking about the list of Startup businesses that you can make money with, it is important to look at all aspects of it.
For example, these types of jobs are time-consuming for you to earn anything, and if you plan to have it from day one, I do not recommend it to you because continuing to work after entrepreneurship requires more sacrifice and time.
You have to be passionate, aware, and very hardworking to achieve it, but I can promise you that you will have your six-figure income after a short period of time.


If you have special knowledge or a very passionate base on the subject, you can start working as an online coach. Setting up an Instagram business account or YouTube channel will be a place where you can have your own store, for example, you can teach language or fitness, counseling, psychology, and more.


Web developers are invaluable because of their unique and specific knowledge of a complex topic. For example, before mastering HTML, CSS, Ruby, and/or Javascript, there are short ways with systems like WordPress, etc in just 30 days get all the experience they need and you’re ready to go. You are a successful webmaster and you make money from the beginning. You can then hone your skills or learn a new language at Treehouse.


Take a look at the market before you start. There are currently 1.38 billion Samsung smartphone users and 2.8 million apps in the play store also 1.82 million apps for ios so there are useful ones and much more not worth even download. Creating and running an application is a tedious process that takes a lot of effort from coding and development to creating a beautiful user interface and providing the best user experience possible. In addition, If one of your programs is successful, it may launch you in fame and future big contracts or your own business.


There are entire businesses out there for people to hire someone else to create their PowerPoint presentations. For those who are not very knowledgeable in technology or have trouble navigating Microsoft Office, creating a presentation can be a huge challenge or even a hurdle in their professional career.


Do you have a hobby or passion that causes people around you to constantly ask you for advice in that field or tell you that you should teach or spread your knowledge? Well, you should listen to them! You can start your own podcast about niche topics that you have a solid knowledge base about; the more specific the topic is, the better. If you already have a podcast that you are running for free, you can crack some sponsorship deals to turn it into a source of income. All you need to be sure about is whether you are creating consistent, valuable, and relevant content for your audience.


Online courses are awesome! Whether you are learning from them or the one doing the teaching, there is a great opportunity here. If you are good at anything, chances are that there are people out there who would like to know how to do exactly that, no matter which field it is. People are willing to pay big sums of money to learn things online without having to get them from traditional educational institutes such as schools and colleges simply because they will still be paying a whole lot less and they can learn at their own pace. There are several platforms such as Skillshare that you can teach such courses on.


While people still don’t think of this as a business, bloggers can be some of the highest earners on the internet as they diversify their portfolios once they have established themselves and have a sizable audience base. Your blog can be about literally anything you want and chances are that there is an audience out there for it. If you are planning to start a blog, you need to constantly work on honing your writing skills and come up with fresh and engaging content ideas. Listen to what the audience wants and provide them with that, all while maintaining your unique voice. Once you learn how to perfectly straddle the line, you can get sponsors involved, use affiliate marketing and use social media channels to drive traffic to your website to monetize this process. Some bloggers are now traveling the world for free, have media empires of their own in their respective fields, and are considered influencers with a high value.


With 300 hours of video being uploaded to the website per minute and 3.25 billion hours of video content being consumed each month, YouTube is currently the 2nd largest search engine and the largest video site in existence. (Brandwatch.com, 2016) The website boasts an impressive one billion users, which is just about one-third of the entire population of internet users, yet only 9% of small business owners in the U.S are known to use YouTube as a marketing tool. Since YouTube is owned by Google, videos that are uploaded on YouTube rank better in the search engine results and even more so if the video and the accompanying text are keyword-rich. Besides, you can manipulate video content to best showcase your brand’s personality. You can get as creative as you want and, contrary to popular belief, great video content can be made on a small budget. It’s all about your vision! So instead of just using YouTube as a marketing tool, you could make it a career! There’s a reason why so many people aspire to become YouTubers—there is a lot of growth potential if you capture the right audience and manage to monetize your channel.

startup business ideas
music teacher online

Are you passionate about music? Do you have a love for teaching? Do you enjoy attending theatre and plays often? If so, you could be a music teacher or consultant. You don’t necessarily have to travel for such a job as your classes and sessions can be attended over Skype. Private music sessions can help you make anything between $20–$200 per lesson, depending on the type of sessions and the level that you would be teaching at. This is great for any music lover; to be able to make money doing something they are truly passionate about.


While this may seem a little absurd, you could actually make money off someone else’s money. Help them invest and provide consultations on how to better manage their funds, be it for the short term or the long term, and you could be taking a commission off their profits from your investment advisor. As their capital grows, so does yours. The best part is that in this business, once the word spreads about how great your advice is, you won’t have to go looking for clients, they will be lining up for you.


Several firms outsource a lot of their daily operations as it is cheaper for them to do so—especially if the tasks at hand are not in alignment with the core strength of the company itself. One of the most outsourced tasks is bookkeeping and accounting. If you have a background in finance, you may want to think about starting your own company that deals with such outsourced work.


If your friends and family are constantly turning to you for help when it comes to business advice because they know it’s solid, then it might be time to look into starting a business consultancy. The one thing about being involved in business consultancy is that you will need credentials no matter how good you are. Think about it: Would you take business advice from a random person working out of their home or garage? I don’t think so. Your credentials will add value to your knowledge and even if you don’t have them now, you can always work towards getting them! Companies are always looking for people with a great sense of business, no matter which field it is—public relations, marketing, strategies, human resources, etc.—so if you already have the required certifications then maybe you should jump onto this bandwagon.


For some people, a life without travel is unimaginable. If you are one of those people and you spend hours planning trips in detail “just for fun” because you can’t afford it at the moment—why not work towards actually being able to afford it while doing exactly what you have been doing? If you know how to get the best deals and would love to share your passion for traveling, then why not become a travel consultant? You could build personalized travel experiences and itineraries for those who will pay you for such a service. Create groups on social media, start a website and offer planning packages and, of course, run a travel blog side by side. While it may seem a lot, if you truly are passionate about globetrotting then this will seem more like play than work!


Fitness coaching is a great business to enter! Of course, this requires in-depth knowledge about nutrition and exercise but more and more people have started to become more conscious about healthy living. If you have a keen business sense and combine that with your knowledge of health and well-being, you could have clients lining up for your guidance. Start off with personal training and then perhaps go on building your fitness empire.


If you thought yoga and meditation were just for hipsters and hippies, you couldn’t be more wrong. Several businesses hold yoga days and mediation sessions twice a week to help their workers deal with stress and live healthier, more balanced lives. This isn’t a passing trend, and it’s not going away anytime soon. If you’re passionate about yoga, you could create your own website that caters to those interested in learning—you could even sell yoga items (mats, clothing, etc.) in conjunction with your classes.


Almost every online company, even those who aren’t online natives, now has an Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter account. You’d do better in the social media management sphere if you know your way around these sites and frequently have clear views that you can articulate well. Several businesses, influencers, and even non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are still searching for someone to manage their social media accounts and that’s where you step in. If you already spend a majority of your time on social media, then why not monetize it?


Are you familiar with the fundamentals of SEO and eager to learn more? If that’s the case, companies can use your expertise to target the right customers and expand their customer base. Even though virtually everyone is targeting paid advertising, SEO is the way to go if you really want to scale and reach your audience organically. As more and more content is being produced, even the biggest companies are racing and fighting to appear on the SERPs (Google’s Search Engine Result Pages). Start with smaller businesses that focus on a niche audience, hone your skills, and learn from the experiences—get in on the action and you are bound to have a pretty successful online business if your SEO skills are on point.


Are your friends often jealous of your Instagram or social media following? Do you have an impressive number of followers? If so, you could be an influencer in your chosen field. If companies like your “aesthetic” and feel that your image gels well with their brand image, they can offer anywhere between $50–$1000+ per post, depending on your following! Of course, there is some amount of business and marketing acumen required, but you can definitely start earning through social media. So rack those followers up and start making that money!


Another excuse to rejoice for bilinguals! If you can communicate in two or more languages, including English, and enjoy the flexibility that remote work offers, you should consider starting your own translation services company. You will expand your customer base by hiring more translators who speak other languages. Of course, such a company necessitates perseverance, diligence, and a passion for languages beyond the ordinary. If you would just like to dip your toes and check out if you would like to be a translator, Flexjobs is a nice place to pick up some translator work.


Today’s competition has made Content marketing a trendy career. With new companies constantly in need of content that can withstand today’s competitive environment, if you have any expertise in this area, you’re already a hot commodity, so why not take advantage of it?


Almost every website owner on the internet has or at least has considered, hiring a copywriter at some point. Copywriters can create content for any part of their business, be it blog posts, banners, product descriptions, landing pages, or FAQs. Even though there aren’t many high-paying jobs for writing, if your content is good, you deliver the work on time, and have some experience, you could look forward to launching a freelance writing career.


If writing isn’t your thing but you’re great at catching mistakes, be it grammatical or just typos, you could make a really good editor or proofreader. Almost any company that deals with content has someone who proofreads the material before it is published. In many cases, this isn’t a formal position, but if you explain the benefits of hiring an individual to do the job and reduce the team’s workload, you may have a shot at landing a client. Create a roster of clients, start up your own consultancy and you are off to the bank. If you would like to get some experience before you start your own business, you can get some gigs on Fiverr or Upwork.

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